My art has a strong narrative. I draw on imagery of the natural world to try to express my responses to the world around me.

Observation is the key to my work and I make use of a variety of media to convey my thinking. I use painting, drawing, photography and digital media to create my artworks.

This site brings together my varied projects. Each project represents a strand of thinking inspired by observation, some are complete, others are in progress.

One strand of work, my location paintings, aren't included here though they inform and inspire much of the art on this site. Visit the Artists-Connect website to see them.

Visit my blog to read about the latest developments on my projects and check out the Artists-Connect Facebook page and follow Artists-Connect on Twitter for up to the minute anouncements.

Coming exhibitions

An exhibition double

In April I'm having my first solo exhibition. It will be called 'A walk in the woods'. Click the button below to get more information about dates and the venue.

As a precursor to my solo exhibition some of work will be shown in a joint exhibition organised by Tribe Aesthetica. For details click the button below.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about any artwork, for instance how much it is or if prints are available, please send me an email.

I regularly post articles and videos about new artworks. Keep up to date with my work from here.

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Please tell your friends and contacts on Twitter about my website.