Stuart Nurse
artist of landscape and environment

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I was considering my location paintings and equating the process of producing them with the processes going on around me in nature. Each of my location paintings focuses on a detail of a greater landscape. These small scenes are translated into images by the application of many brush strokes of colour, each stroke being as important as any of the others.

For this series of artworks I've selected fragments of some of my location paintings with particularly interesting colour combinations and textures which are the consequence of both the craft process of painting and of serendipity. The contrast between the accidental nature of these effects with the deliberate act by which they came about is in itself interesting. The act of producing these paintings will in turn create more opportunities for fate to generate more satisfying brush strokes and effects. Maybe I will find small features in these paintings that will become future paintings.

I've prepared articles and videos for some of these paintings
Falling Autumn Leaf by Stuart Nurse
Wind blowing through Willows by Stuart Nurse
Summer Breeze by Stuart Nurse
Autumn change by Stuart Nurse
Detail by Stuart Nurse August 2918