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Mount Maroma is the highest peak in the Sierra de Tejeda in the Axarquia region of Andalucia, Spain. The mountain's southern slope stands guardian over a hilly valley with olive groves and vineyards interspersed with Avocardo and Lemon trees which surround the white villages of Archez, Canillas de Albaida, Corumbela and Competa. From day to day, even hour to hour, Maroma can present many different faces which provided me with many opportunities to sketch the montain in a series of drawings with ink pastels.

Over the course of a week I experimented with colour choices and techniques to convey, at one moment the baking clarity of a southern Spanish Spring, the next a mist rolling in below the mountain's peak on a cooling wind.

I've prepared an article and a video for this project
Maroma catches early sun by Stuart Nurse
Maroma morning by Stuart Nurse
Corumbela by Stuart Nurse
Maroma heat by Stuart Nurse
Maroma, early mist by Stuart Nurse
Maroma, pueblo blanca by Stuart Nurse