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As is the way of things when you keep an open mind, these photographs have changed my thinking. Its not just the experience of visiting Tanzania but the images themselves. They present a view of Africa that is not normally seen in our media, a positive view and a sense of normality.

I've become more determined that these images should be put to good use since I returned from Tanzania. Rather than serving as a record of the visit for the group I went with, I now think they could serve to affect attitudes to Africa and promote the idea of forging links between communities on different continents, a two way link to the benefit of both parties.

Visit my blog to read a more detailed account of my experiences in Tanzania.

I've prepared articles for some of these paintings
Tanzania 1
Tanzania 2
Tanzania 3
Tanzania 4
Tanzania 5
Tanzania 6
Tanzania 7
Tanzania 8
Tanzania 9
Tanzania 10
Tanzania 11
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